WhistlePig Farmstock Rye Whiskey


Appearance: A light singed straw hue makes way for a clear yet dull appearance. Legs are impressive however, and cascade down the glass interior in slow waves.

Nose: The aromas here are deep and complex. A wave of alcohol heat leads off but soon dissipates as the palate adjusts. Emerging wafts of cinnamon stick and dark, salty caramel are present as the fusels become lost in the air. There is a pronounced red berry note as well, which adds depth and an unexpected brightness. The grain-forward nature of this whiskey also leaves an air of baking bread in my nostrils, which keeps bringing back the aforementioned toasty burnt sugar note.

Palate: While the nose gives an impression of perceived sweetness, the first wash of Farmstock over the palate accentuates the more dry aspects of this whiskey. The oak is prominent and heavy, but not quite astringent. Each sip starts with an angular roasted, husky rye siltiness that is tamed by the mild spice and calming qualities of the Vermont oak. This whiskey is both floral and dry on the tongue, prickly and aggressive as a bold rye should be. Enjoying the vanilla and caramel nose as I sip on the perfumey, earthy whiskey is a true collaborative effort resulting in a thoughtful sipping dram. As my tastebuds acclimate, more obscure notes of peanut butter and black peppercorns emerge.

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