Stravecchio Branca Brandy

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Stravecchio Branca deserves a moment of reflection: this brandy made with pretigius wine has a warm and embracing taste with woody notes and of dried fruit. The secret? The capacity of Fratelli Branca to nurture a centenary product which reflects that know-how of who produces it.

Taste and scent remain unaltered thanks to the secret guarded in the “botte madre in rovere” (oak mother barrel) author of one of the most delicate phases in production: the mixture of different aged wines up to three year up to a maximum of ten.

Inside the “Botte Madre” persists always a third of this base mixture, a peculiarity which brings life to an extraordinary bouquet of Stravecchio Branca since 1888.

Its amber colour with hints of golden colours, to the nose results insense, composite and with a note of vanilla. Its taste is full and soft with hints of dried fruit. It’s used in refined cocktails such as Sidecar, Alexander and the “Dr.Ink” signature cocktail of Filippo Sisti (“Carlo e Camilla in Segheria Restaurant in Milan)

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