Redemption 9Yr Barrel Proof


Redemption 9 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon tastes and feels like something aged for more than 2x that length. The aroma is incredibly sweet and complex, but the palate, mouthfeel and finish are incredibly oaky, dry and tannic. It’s like they snagged barrels that sat at the top of the rick house for their entire 9 years and it ended up cooking the whiskey.

Water helps even it out a wee bit, but it never fully finds a good balance and the oak hangs incredibly heavy except on the nose. I do love me some big oak bombs, but they need to have something to balance against or it starts to become one noted. This has a bit of that balancing sweetness, but it’s not enough to fully right the ship and it ends up leaving me wishing for a bit more sweetness. Good, but just not quite… there.

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