Orphan Barrel Archive Collection Box


Includes Six 750ml Bottles

Barterhouse 20 Year — The first release of the Orphan Barrel series. Tastes like warm biscuits and buttercream, with spice and brown sugar in the finish.

Old Blowhard 26 Year — The flavor of this extraordinary whiskey is exuberant and rich with undertones of smoke and honey. The finish is dry and spicy, with a hint of orange peel.

Lost Prophet 22 Year — Lost Prophet is a soft spoken whiskey, with aromas of honey, apricot and clove that reveal a silky, full-bodied taste with notes of spiced vanilla and a touch of leather, culminating in a sweet smoky finish.

Rhetoric 21 Year — Aromas of cherry, sweet tobacco, honey and leather build upon the oak, fruit, vanilla and caramel of its counterpart with new tastes of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, baking spices and honey.​

Forged Oak 15 Year — Forged Oak is a statuesque whiskey with aromas of cedar, maple and vanilla bean that give way to seasoned woody notes of cocoa and young berries, ultimately leading to a long, dry finish of black pepper.

Whoop & Holler 28 Year — A previously unheard-of age statement on any American whiskey. Said to be George Dickel stock.

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