Macallan 1967 Sir Peter Blake Down To Work Limited Edition

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Down to Work depicts a story of the era marking their commitment to sherry seasoned oak casks, a dedication that lasts through to today.

Down to Work is an extension of the Anecdotes of Ages collection, which saw Blake produce thirteen bespoke labels to be affixed to a single cask of 1967 vintage Macallan, each depicting important themes from the distillery’s history. This one represents the decision to persevere with using sherry-seasoned oak casks in the face of industry and market pressure to compromise. The original hand-created Blake label has been placed in the Macallan archive, and 322 bottles were produced with a digital reproduction of it, this is one of them.


COLOUR – Caramelised peach

NOSE – Classic antique oak, dried fruit and fig combined with hints of pineapple and mango layered with a decadent chocolate strawberry note

PALATE – Warm chocolate with light nutmeg and ginger, oak spices and sweet oak opening into pineapple and coconut with an unexpected strawberry and hazelnut burst

FINISH – Complex with a medium to long finish of chocolate, sweet oak and lightly spiced peach

ABV 46.7%

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