Lord Calvert Canadian


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“Lord Calvert Canadian- Nose: The ambience of a Québec sugar shack soon evolves into the sweet/fresh fragrance of maple taffy on snow. Maple notes dominate, but without concealing hints of butterscotch, vanilla, fresh butter, and sour apricots. Subtle, slightly musty aromas of rough lumber stacked outside to dry, underscore cedar overtones and lovely oaky notes. Way in the background, a bouquet of lilacs and hints of shellac waft in on vague suggestions of spirit.
Palate: Very sweet to start out, with strong flavours of real maple syrup (not the maple-flavoured kind) and vanilla ice cream. White pepper arrives quickly, along with bright zesty citric notes. The palate is very buttery yet surprisingly fresh and lively with piquant peppers and tingling spice. Oak comes through crisply in the nose with the woodsman’s balm of freshly sawn planks and just a touch of tannic astringency. Not a particularly complex whisky, but well-balanced and very flavourful, while remaining light and creamy.
Finish: Medium-longish with pepper and maple sugar slowly fading to a slightly citric conclusion.”

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Lord Calvert Canadian