Johnnie Walker Black Label Blade Runner


Vital Stats: 750 ml; 49%ABV / 98 Proof; blended Scotch whisky; price around $90 USD.

Appearance: Yellow gold with surprisingly nice legs and beading for a blend.

Nose: Far richer and more sophisticated than Johnnie Walker Black. Frankly, it?s amazing how over thirty whiskies could coalesce to make such a uniformly pleasing scent. I?m reminded of a 1996 Ben Nevis (Exclusive Malts) that I finished last month, although the Walker is a bit less ?grapey.?

Far away Coal Ila peat is perhaps the most noticeable scent in my glass, followed by marshmallow nougat, honey, and crisp red apple. Golden raisins and figs aren?t far behind, along with a very subtle green tea note.

Palate: Think Johnnie Walker Black cranked up to ?10.? There?s just more to taste in the Director?s Cut. I really do appreciate the higher ABV. Putting this whisky on the rocks would be refreshing, to be sure, but almost a shame. Try it neat first is my advice. As for adding water, no thanks. At 49% ABV, this stuff is as smooth as a pair of Sean Young?s silky pajamas.

Leather comes to the fore, along with Himalayan salt, allspice, black pepper, black tea, cotton candy, powdered coco, taro root, caramel, date, golden raisin, and a slightly bitter note of chicory.

The finish is medium in length. As for the swan song of flavors, one can detect black pepper, oak tannin, Caol Ila peat, and chicory lingering pleasantly. A spicy tingle outlasts the death.

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