Fashion Prosecco Extra Dry

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FASHION PROSECCO Extra Dry is a lively, sparkling wine that is produced on our behalf by Italy’s largest privately held wine company. It is a varietal wine that is made from the Prosecco grape, native to the Veneto region. It is fresh and easy to have as an aperitif or enjoy at a celebration or a party. Comes in distinctive and stylish packaging. It’s simple yet modern design makes it an all-occasion bubbly! Is for the fashionable, sociable, trendy, and cosmopolitan.

Awarded with BEST OF THE SHOW at Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America

GRAPES: 100% Prosecco


TASTING NOTES: Intense primary aroma, fresh and light. very well balanced, appealing and crisp, with the extremely delicate almond note that is typical of Prosecco.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Most commonly Prosecco is served unmixed but it can also be an excellent ingredient in several cocktails. It is a luxurious aperitif but can also be served throughout the meal – including dessert. Prosecco is enjoyed as a wine for every occasion as it adds an element of celebration to any gathering or party.


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