Calumet Farm Bourbon Whiskey


Vital Stats: 86 proof. Made from corn, rye, and malted barley. No age statement. Liquid source unknown. As stated above, “Bottled for Western Spirits by Three Springs Bottling Company, Bowling Green, KY. $50 for a 750ml.

Appearance: Light, golden bronze with touches of pale yellow at the edges. Brilliant. Sticky legs.

Nose: Initial wafts bring to mind orange cream popsicles with a ribbon of butterscotch layered throughout. Deeper inhalations find a note of green bell pepper, however subtle, as well as the familiar aroma of squishy circus peanuts. Vanilla and oak are traditionally present yet only notable as a rounding finish to the nose.

Palate: At room temperature, the first observation is a thinness in body which allows the oak and heat to ultimately bring balance to the sweet aromas. Sweet and sticky could have easily been the downfall of this product, but water and excellent blending seem to have been used deftly here. Slightly smoky from char with grassy and woodsy flavors up front make way for lingering notes of dried apricot, caramel, and candied peanuts.

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