Vital stats: 86-proof; its mash bill features about 50% yellow corn, a bit of unmalted barley and big dollop of rye, at 38%; priced at $40 per 750 ml bottle.

Appearance: Reminiscent of a warm caramel sauce or maple syrup

Nose: Initial whiffs of creamy sweetness—perhaps a buttery concoction of corn and baked apple pie. There is a definite spiciness that tingles the back of your nose like a light pepper sneeze.

Palate: Smooth like honey at first taste, the creaminess of the corn is pleasantly balanced by the rye’s robust character. A hint of char tags along behind the oaky kick before disappearing, almost without a trace (a tinge of pepper lingers). Overall, this bourbon goes down easy with all the feels of a cinnamon spiced cider in autumn.

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