Ardbeg Twenty Something 22 Years


Ardbeg Twenty Something 22 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky – The latest release in the Ardbeg Twenty Something series, this superb 22 Year Old pays tribute to the whisky enthusiasts of yesteryear. This whisky was born during a time when the iconic Ardbeg Distillery name was almost consigned to the history books. During a period of uncertainty for Ardbeg in the 1980s and 1990s, when the stills were near empty and the filling store silent, a handful of young whisky enthusiasts dared to dream. Together, with hope in their hearts, they laid down a handful of casks and kept the Ardbeg spirit alive. On the nose, luscious tropical fruits fade into sweet smoke, soot and tar. Take a sip and discover fresh green apples with a crumble topping. Notes of peppermint tea and vanilla guide you towards a long smoky finish. ABV: 46.4%

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Ardbeg Twenty Something – 22 Years Old

Colour: Pale, moonlit gold. (One suspects the ex-bourbon barrels were second, possibly even third fills).

Nose: Peat is evident, but it’s restrained, as you’d expect for a whisky for this age. In truth, the nose has some commonalities with a good Bowmore…it’s slightly maritime, with sea spray, saline, and coastal notes, but there’s also hints of fruits.

Palate: Sweet on first sip and “darkly” peaty, mixed with more traits of the sea: Squid ink, sea urchin, and also potato skins. Texturally, it’s a lighter Ardbeg – more peaty than smoky, the peat is rich and deep, but it’s silky and refined, rather than brash or bombastic. There are doughy notes – perhaps fresh white bread rolls? – which give way to light fruits, namely rockmelon (cantaloupe) and orange citrus peel. An undercurrent of vanilla sweetness never strays too far from the action.

Finish: Humbugs and licorice mints portray the sweetness initially, but the sweetness slowly transforms into a green bitterness, perhaps like eating raw vegetables. The peat stays constantly brooding on the tongue, and the soft undercurrent of smoke, fruit, and vanilla leaves a welcome footprint behind.

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