Gentle waves of smoky pineapple, sour cream and wood smoke create an irresistible aroma. Newly planed oak and supple leather open the hearts, followed by sweet toffee and licorice. A splash of water releases a surge of unexpected notes: flint, pine resin and coal tar sparkle to the aromas of lemon sorbet with a sweet, sweet vanilla cheesecake.

On the palate: The peaty power of this alluring bottling is obvious and plunges the palate into a smoky depth. An intense salty mouthfeel followed by sweet and sour notes of smoked chili chocolate and paprika. Waves of toasted oak and toasted tea leaves emerge before revealing fresh peppermint cream and white chocolate with salt.

The Finish: A firm, gentle, soothing wood smoke merges into a long lasting finish that swings significantly beyond the glass.

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