Vital Stats: 125 proof. No age statement. (1792 no longer prints age statements on their bottles, but before 2013, all bottles were labeled as aged for eight years.) 75% corn, 15% rye, 10% barley. $45.

Appearance: Burnt amber with an orange hue. Legs for days. This is sticky stuff.

Nose: I’ve never had a grilled caramel sandwich topped with cinnamon, but now that I’ve considered the possibility, I’m going to make it happen. Anyway, that’s what it smells like. There’s the soft aroma of fresh baked goods along with cornbread sweetness and a dusting of spice. And a little smoke. Someone burned a yeast roll.

Palate: All the flavors. Seriously. All of your favorite bourbon flavors are in here somewhere: caramel, oak, vanilla, smoke, corn flakes, molasses, cinnamon, and even chocolate-covered roasted coffee beans. A creamy, buttery mouthfeel ties it all together. The finish seems to last forever in the form of tingling on my tongue, on the roof of my mouth, and the inside of my cheeks—not to mention a bit of burning in my gut (this is full proof, after all). But I enjoy every bit of it. I guess it lacks fruitiness—more caramel than caramel apple—though there’s a  fresh cherry flavor toward the finish. The high alcohol content is recognized by the way it burns its flavors into your mucous membranes so intensely, but without any obnoxious notes of rubbing alcohol.

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